Massage Tidbits. . . .

Massage- Manipulation of muscle, facia, and other soft tissue of the body using various techniques and therapies. Massage is done with the intent to support and promote good health.

Pressure- In massage, the physical force applied by a therapist to achieve desired results. Often referred to as light, medium, or firm pressure. The degree of pressure used should always be determined by the client.

Facia- The connective tissue surrounding the muscle, joints, and bone. It provides support, protects, and gives structure to the body.

Swedish Massage- This massage is the foundation for many other types of western massage. It is a general full body massage using either gentle or firm pressure and utilizing long flowing strokes. Relieves physical tension, stress, and promotes relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage- A slow, deep pressure massage designed to access beyond the surface muscle and facia to reduce spasms and scar tissue resulting from chronic injury or over use.

Trigger Point Therapy- Targets the small hyperirritable areas in muscle or related connective tissue that may cause local pain or pain in a distant referral zone. Moderate pressure is applied and held for eight to thirty seconds to help reduce associated pain with these points.

Myofascial Release- Gentle pressure and stretching is in corporate to help release restrictions in the muscle, facia, and other related connective tissues. Usually done without oil.

Sports Massage- this massage is aimed at enhancing ing an athlete’s performance, preventing injury, and aids in rehabilitation. It is often done before, during, and after a sports events. A wide range of techniques are utilized depending on personal needs and intent of session.